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Clare Foley Acupuncture

Clare Foley Acupuncture
Clare Foley

The Healing House,
O'Connell Avenue,


I use acupuncture to treat symptoms such as anxiety, depression, arthritis, digestive complaints, sleep issues, pain, tinnitus, recurrent infections, immune system problems and more. All patients receive by email a personalised health form with advice on foods to include or avoid in their diet, food supplements or herbal preparations to treat their problems and general lifestyle advice which might be relaxation techniques, suitable exercise methods, detoxification techniques and more. If a person has a pain condition, I'll use a Qi Gong/acupressure style of massage as well as acupuncture treatment to give immediate and long lasting results.

Certificate of Advanced Acupuncture, The Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing (6 months training in hospitals under expert Chinese doctors)
Certificate of Advanced Acupuncture, The Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing (1 month training)
Diploma of Acupuncture and Naturopathy, College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dublin (4 years)
Bachelor of Science in Experimental Physics and Biology, Maynooth University

Acupuncture - Traditional Chinese Medicine individual diagnosis and treatment
Naturopathic treatment - advice on diet, suitable supplementation, common herbal preparations
Lifestyle advice - relaxation tools, mediation techniques, exercise methods, fasting and detox techniques
Massage - Qi Gong / acupressure massage for pain relief

  • Clare Foley Acupuncture

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Clare Foley Acupuncture