Colour Therapy

Throughout history colour and light has been used by every culture, religion and society in a variety of ways to treat disease. By altering the colours which surround us, colour therapy proposes that we can alter our state of health. It has been proven that light (or the absence light) can have an effect on the hypothalamus and the pineal and pituitary glands and subsequently on our mental and physical states of health. Colour Therapy has grown out of this ancient use of colour to enhance health and well being.

Light is part of the elecromagnetic spectrum along with invisible radio waves, x-rays and microwaves. Colour is the visible light in the elecromagnetic spectrum. Most other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum have scientifically-demonstrable effects on the human mind and body, both good and bad (for example, the damaging effects of x-ray radiation). Colour therapists simply suggest that the visible part of the spectrum can work on the mind and body too.

What happens?: Colour therapists consider your aura, which is an array of colours which emanate naturally from all of us but which few of us can observe, to be a matter of fact part of the human condition as opposed to a clairvoyant or mystical phenomenon.

The therapist will note your medical history and current state of health and then observe your aura either by concentration or behind a Kilner screen (two sheets of glass which have a cyanine dye encapsulated between them). Colour therapists believe that each organ, body part, emotion or mental state responds to a specific colour. By observing the colours in your aura they can then use colour to treat those aspects that seem to be lacking in health.