What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing teaches an understanding of how the birthing muscles work in perfect harmony, as they were designed to do, when the body is sufficiently relaxed. The depth of relaxation necessary can easily be achieved with hypnosis, and couples learn these skills in HypnoBirthing classes, and practice them at home every day until the baby arrives. The Birth Companion, as the partners are called, have a very integral role in the preparation process, listening to the audio tapes, reading the HypnoBirthing book and handouts and guiding the mother into hypnosis with HypnoBirthing scripts. In labor they are an invaluable part of the birthing process as they help the mother to focus and concentrate, as well as supporting her physically. All aspects of labor and birth are covered in HypnoBirthing classes, as well as information on nutrition, exercise, complications, interventions and consumer issues.

HypnoBirthing teaches women how to go into self-hypnosis instantly, and create her own natural anesthesia whenever and wherever she needs it. This is important as any drugs taken by a laboring woman can be dangerous for her, and especially her baby. She has total control over her body, and is an active participant in her birth process. As labor progresses, she goes deeper inside herself, trusting in her body’s natural ability to give birth with ease and comfort. Her mind is programmed to give her exactly what she needs.

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