Medical Herbalism

Medical herbalism is today a sophisticated system of natural medicine using plant extracts and herbs to help treat physical and mental disorders.

The theory of Herbalism: Herbs have been used since the dawn of time as medicines and, in fact, many common drugs are,in actual fact, made from herbal extracts. The natural chemical properties of certain herbs have been shown to contain of themselves, medicinal value. However, unlike conventional medicine, herbalists use the ‘whole’ herb or plant rather than isolating and breaking down chemical compounds and then synthesising it. This is because the plant, being a part of Nature, is said to represent perfect balance; healing requires the natural combination of elements in the plant or herb, not just a single chemical within it.

A medical herbalist will take your full case history and be concerned with your diet and lifestyle. You can expect a full physical examination with sometimes urine and blood samples, blood pressure and pulse taken. Other forms of diagnosis may also be used. The herbalist will then prescribe specific herbs in tincture, fluid extract, capsule or tea form and he may suggest dietary changes, exercises and other therapies to help the healing process.