Panchakarma Therapy

Panchakarma is a classical form of detoxification practised throughout the ages in India routinely for prevention and treatment.

In order to stay healthy and fit one should carry out Panchakarma methods as a way of cleansing and servicing the body. The greatest benefit of this system is preventing possible illness due to accumulation of doshas or toxins which may cause obstruction of channels or ducts.

‘Panchakarma’ means five activates. They are:

  • I. Niruha Vasthi – Herbal Enema Therapy
  • 2. Vireka – Herball Purgative Therapy
  • 3. Vamana – Emesis Therapy
  • 4. Nasya – Herbal Inhalation Therapy
  • 5. Anuvasana Vasthi – Herbal Oil Enema Therapy

Selection from the above is recommended according to the need of the patient.

There are sonic additional treatments called ‘Purvakarma’ also given as a part of Panchakarma therapy. They are:

  • Sneha Karma – Herbal Oil application (external, oral, rectal)
  • Sweda Karma – Herbal diaphoretic therapy (steam bath)
  • Shirodhara – Special oil drip for the head.

What Is Pulse Diagnosis?

Ayurveda describes 3 pulses related to three doshas located at the wrist. Three finger positions can feel the qualities of each dosha according to the pattern of movements compared to:

  • VATA – Snake
  • PITTA – Frog
  • KAPHA – Swan

An experienced practitioner will be able to relate these movements and detect early or late changes of doshas in the body.